from $ 100 / month

Hoshizaki  22" wide

527 pound per day
from $150/ month

Hoshizaki - under counter
 260 pounds per day

What Do We Do?

We are a Maintenance, Leasing/Rental and Sales company offering a quick response and quality work, we stand by all repairs and charge based on results not attempts. As well as repairing any machine on the market we take the risk and worry out of owning an Ice machine by providing an affordable alternative. Our leases are simple,after the first year its month by month with no up front cost and small install fees .We maintain repair and replace the machines at our expense and also provide you the security of ice delivered to you in the event of a breakdown.

Scotsman -30" wide

530 pound per day
from $145/ month

Wichita ice

Ice-o-matic 48" wide

1400 pounds per day
from $195/ month